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Articles Written By Us

Accessing Your Own Guidance

You can learn to access your own guidance. How do you begin? Sheryl shares a few things she wishes everyone wishing to follow in her footsteps had under their belts.

How to Stop Worrying

An article written by Paul to help Sheryl sleep better at night. (Oddly enough, given the humorous approach, it worked!)

Pecking at the Roots of Perfectionism

by Paul Hood

Spiritual Warrior

by Paul Hood

Powerful Beliefs, Intention, and the Law of Attraction

by Sheryl Karas

Spiritual Emergence and Emergency

Sometimes spiritual awakening can lead to painful discoveries about ourselves, our relationship to the universe, and our feelings of safety. When people feel afraid, and/or have no context to place their spiritual experiences into, all matter of difficulties can ensue. There are three articles on this site related to these experiences.

  1. Spontaneous Kundalini

  2. How to Handle Difficulties with Kundalini

  3. Uncontrolled Psychic Openings and Other Spiritual Emergencies

Some Facets of “Siddhis”

Paul writes about psychic abilities and other “special powers” that can come about as a result of Kundalini awakening

Flower Mandalas

Paul, the spiritual counselor/photographer, shares insights into the spiritual significance of form reflected in the natural world

Components of an Effective Program of Empowerment for

Potential World Changers

This is the Integration paper Sheryl wrote at the end of her M.A. program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She once thought she would create a program like this but now sees it as a treatise on what has helped her feel most empowered (at least up until the time this was written) and how she has approached social change in her own life.


Five years worth of monthly articles written when Sheryl was a family caregiving consultant helping people taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurological dementias. Spiritual and emotional issues were the primary focus.


© Copyright 2007 Sheryl Karas & Paul Hood

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