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What People Have Said About One or Both of Us

"A big thank you to you and Paul for your insight and guidance! Honestly, I feel as if saying "thank you" is simply not enough! ...My words cannot explain how amazing I felt after speaking with you! It may sound crazy, but I feel like I can breathe for the first time in a long time. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted...and that I am much more energetic and have a strange peace about my body now. Finally, I understand the problem and I no longer have to blame or abuse myself. I have to admit it was kind of strange today with no negative self-talk going on in my head! I almost didn't know what to do with myself!!... I definitely look forward to working with you two again in the future. I swear, that was the best $100 I ever spent!!...Oh yeah, and please don't ever change your approach to working with clients! I had a blast and felt very comfortable working with both of you!" —Heather Harris, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dear Sheryl and Paul, Thank you for your kindness during the session on Saturday. You are a wonderful couple...you have found your own slice of heaven.... here on earth... together. I felt that you are both genuinely kind and gracious people who have been given powerful gifts that will make a difference in this world. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I still can't believe how comfortable I was talking to you... I spoke to you with the same frankness as I would a friend... and you responded with the compassion of people who really care about their fellow human beings. Knowing God's will while we are here is a struggle for all people...talking with counselors who put God into the picture puts things on a higher level for me. May the peace of God's love always be with you in your service to helping others.”— L. Harvey

“Just had to write and let you know how much I adored the healing session you and I just did.  I'm a huge fan of your fun & down-to-earth, yet astute and intelligent sensibilities.  So hugely helpful!  Lots of insight . . . wow. Thanks again, both of you (and I'm also sending my thanks out to the guides who helped—hoping they check email too ;).”—N. Reinert, Providence, R.I.

"I wanted to say thanks again for the session last Friday. I was amazed at how intuitively you both picked up on what I was feeling and thinking—even those thoughts and feelings that I wasn't consciously aware of. I think I made more progress in that one session than in three months of more traditional counseling with my therapist." —Suzie Golden, Nonprofit Fundraising Coordinator

“As a doctor, I want highly competent, professionally qualified people helping me. I’ve known Sheryl for many years and know that she meets these criteria. Her work is genuinely intuitive and expressed through her very intelligent, clear articulation. Deeply hidden patterns that were limiting me were discovered and gracefully unravelled. Many areas felt cleared, with ease, and with long-lasting effect.”—Dr. Michael Koplen

"Sheryl and Paul provide a powerful healing session by combining energy reading, hands-on healing, and communication. I was able to transform some old stuck energy in my body that I had been working on with several different healing modalities including rolfing and osteopathic therapy. Together Sheryl and Paul helped me complete the shifting of this energy so that for the first time I own this body space."— D. Wooden

“In her work as a spiritual counselor, Sheryl combines a gentle spirit, down-to-earth New England roots, many years of experience and a wonderful sense of humor. She makes the counseling experience enjoyable and highly understandable, no matter what the issue. I highly recommend her services.” —Jaffy Phillips, psychotherapist

“You really helped me so much! I slept for two nights now. Bless you for your gifts.” S.Y., Vancouver, WA

"Wow! Picking up on how much my milk allergy was affecting me was huge. I knew about it already but I didn't realize how important that was and learning about that and getting some useful tools to help myself was a very important thing."—Linda Mactintyre, Administrative Assistant

"It is not an exaggeration to say that my session with Sheryl and Paul marked the beginning of a new path in my life. They helped open a door inside me that revealed my heart's desire regarding my work life. Their talented and loving assistance -- spiritually, psychically, and emotionally -- made me clearly see my own Truth." —Chris Greenwood

"After your session I felt very different. Very high, serene and confident. My perceptions seem crystal clear. It seems that an old plug was pulled in my brain and patterns I don't need are going to the sewer." —H. F.

"I appreciated how well you worked together. Your individual gifts seem to complement one another and, I believe, bring a deeper energy to the whole event." —Reverend Barbara Telynor

"The session was wonderful for me. It really helped me and since then I have been visualizing [doing an exercise we suggested]. I felt lighter today and my mood stayed elevated. I felt more centered. The session was very beneficial and valuable." —V.E.

"Wow—you two are powerful! Overnight, the [blockage] I could feel has almost completely cleared up. Thank you so much!" —Priscilla Nagle, teacher

"The way that you guys offer individual perspectives is very helpful because it seems like you're getting a first opinion and a second opinion all at once. And yet you still can come together with that information and help the information make sense as a whole." —Hillary Briscoe, Administrative Assistant

"Sheryl's intuitive communication was so accurate and to the point. She created a very safe and nurturing environment for me to make the changes I needed. Thank-you Sheryl!" —Sherry Aquilino CMT, CHT

"I did as you suggested and wrote what I thought I wanted and requested that I get the response in the form of a dream. I had a dream that seemed to be saying everything you both shared with and about me. I was amazed and encouraged. ....I do think you were both right on with your evaluations. I appreciate the time and input you both gave to me." —D.L.

"I really enjoyed the session with you guys. You know how to advise people and it really helped me to continue working on my passion, photography. I am doing the tips that you guys gave me, and became more focused on my day by day activities. Please don't stop your work—we need you." —Adelia Mostar, photographer

"Sheryl Karas has the gifts of practical compassion and intuitive understanding of underlying blocks to manifesting a goal. She was an enormous gift in helping me move into the life I truly wanted." —Reverend Barbara Telynor

"On the table I resonated with how Paul worked individually. He seemed to be very gentle yet firm when he would put his hands on my body. When he spoke out loud and gave me information I could receive it." —Victoria E.

"Sheryl's clairaudient ability to hold conversation with my guides has been a great help. We are able to hone right in on the issues at hand. Sheryl facilitates the discussion and ways are proposed to work things through. Sheryl's work helps accelerate my ability to "process my stuff," which I appreciate greatly." —Katie Viren, Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner

"Thank you for your authentic, playful presence during our spiritual counseling session. Your combination of personableness and spiritual intuition provided a warm, inviting environment for me to explore my inward journey." —D.H.

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