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Sheryl Karas holding a store display of Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy dram formulas.

Meet Mama Love Creator Sheryl Karas


When I was a little girl I used to pick herbs and flowers in the woods near my house, mash them up, and pretend to make magic potions. Years later herbal remedies were the first thing that offered me any real relief for a chronic stomach problem I had had since childhood. Since then I have explored a wide variety of modalities including Flower Essence Therapy, aromatherapy, herbalism and Master Level Reiki. I have a Masters of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology and have put perhaps 35 years of study into the mind/body/spirit connection—which seems to have been the key for my own journey to greater well-being.


Interestingly, as my focus expanded beyond pain, I wanted Mama Love to also express a greater awareness of what life could bring. Joy, for instance. Spiritual awakening, life purpose. My flower essence aromatherapy formulas "Releasing Worry and Fear," "Support for Troubled Times" and "Restful Nights" have been the most popular items in this shop. But they just represent the open door into what can be much much more. You'll find a variety of products here for love and delight as well as those designed for emotional support.


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