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Illustration by Sheryl Karas for Dandelion Flower EssenceDandelion Flower Essence


In sharing with you the emotional/spiritual uses of Dandelion, the first thing that comes to mind is that the person who needs Dandelion most is the one who might be inclined to work way too intensely to pull them up! At least that might be true in the most extreme example of the Dandelion state of being. Hard-working, over-striving, irritable and overly stressed, Dandelion people need to learn to let go like the puff ball the Dandelion flower becomes later in its life cycle.


The Dandelion (from the French dent de lion or tooth of the lion) is a tough tenacious plant that is known for its ability to survive almost anything and for its ability to spread itself prolifically far and wide. The bright yellow flowers with radiating petals look like little suns, full of energy and power. They grow singly on an upright stem.


Like the plant, people who need Dandelion tend to be full of energy and power. They have great enthusiasm for whatever they want to do and throw themselves full-on into a great many activities (spreading themselves far and wide). They have a great capacity to stand up for themselves and don't need to depend too much on other people.


Unfortunately, they can be so overdriven and over-scheduled that they have little or no quiet reflection time to deal with emotional and physical needs which then build up and create great tension. Dandelion Flower essence works on the emotional and spiritual level to help these individuals learn to relax and use their energy in an easy effortless way. It is especially recommended for those who carry a lot of mental and emotional tension.


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