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The FDA, Herbal Remedies, and Your Legal Right to Help Yourself


I went to one of my favorite flower essence related websites last night and was shocked and dismayed to see a notice posted on their page: "Please don't make claims that flower essences can be used to 'cure' any physical or mental illness. The FDA frowns on this." Actually, they prohibit it. . . and while this is great news for those of us who cringe when alternative health aficionados go overboard in their praise of some newly discovered "miracle cure," it's absolutely infuriating when it prohibits me from saying to my clients "This stuff does wonders!" and I know from experience that this is the case.


The problem is that the FDA doesn't know how to evaluate a product that isn't one size fits all. Because flower essences and other herbal products work differently for various people depending on their physiological and emotional make-up, the FDA is hard pressed to know what to do with them. And there haven't been enough people willing to do scientific research with flower essences to change their mind about whether it could be used to effect a cure or not.  In terms of using flower essences and herbs, it makes a big difference to have enough knowledge and understanding of your own condition before walking blindly into an herb store and taking something off the shelf. On the other hand, unless you go really overboard and wildly overdo it or take something you are extremely allergic to, it's impossible to kill yourself using most of the herbs you'd find on a shelf anyway. With a little reading and/or education, the average person can frequently self-diagnose, help themselves quite a bit, and do themselves little or no harm.


But the large pharmaceutical companies want people to believe that herbs are either dangerous or ineffective—a hoax, snake oil. (Just don't pay attention to the fact that adverse reactions to prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States right now.)  No, you can't have people taking responsibility for their own health care and well-being. The medical establishment and the drug companies have to be in charge of that! "One pill makes you smaller, one pill makes you tall... and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all." That's what they'd like us to believe! Can't trust those old wives tales, ya know.


Can flower essences be used to cure physical or mental illness? Well, let me put it this way. When you address the underlying cause of any symptom or disease through ANY kind of appropriate therapy—instead of relying on symptom management which is the major emphasis of Western medicine today—the illness or condition no longer has a reason to persist. Sometimes the underlying condition is medical—thank goodness for Western medicine in those circumstances! But even Western medical doctors will be the first to tell you that the vast majority of illnesses they see in their practices are “stress-induced.” Before getting patients hooked on overly expensive pharmaceuticals, why not address those issues first?


That’s what my partner Paul and I do in our spiritual counseling and healing practice. And, with a little practice, intuition or guidance from practitioners like us, that’s what Flower Essence Therapy can do, too.


At the risk of sounding like the Hair Club president guy who says "I'm not just the president of this business, I'm a client!" I need to say this: I don't just make and sell Flower Essence Products, I use them! And I wouldn't be wasting my time and hard earned dollars to market such an esoteric and little understood product if it didn't work.



April 13, 2007

© 2007 Sheryl Karas



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