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Flower Essence Formulas


Effective emotional  support  based on the work of Edward Bach M.D.


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Flower Essence Formulas


Flower essences (especially when infused with Reiki) are vibrational in nature. Similar to homeopathic remedies, they seem to work by encouraging your own mind/body/spirit to produce specific forms of well-being related to the nature of each flower chosen.  Typically, formulas are individually tailored for each person's specific emotional profile and current needs with the assistance of ongoing flower essence consultation. However, many people have wonderful success choosing their own essences, so I offer these ready-made one-size-fits-most formulas as an affordable possibility.


Conventional dropper bottles are my first choice for long-term healing projects -- sometimes in addition to the scented products on this site. The scented products (see right) work best for people who are less familiar with flower essence therapy (if the flower essences chosen are not perfect for you, the Reiki and essential oils will often do the trick), but if you are a flower essence fan, you know they are most effective when used at regular intervals throughout the day. I find that taking 4-5 drops under my tongue or adding them to a glass of water at mealtime makes it easier to create the routine needed to remember to do that. The standard practice is three times a day for about a month.



Ready to use dosage bottle:

1 oz with conventional brandy $11.98

1 oz with organic vodka $12.98

Bulk discounts are available.

Flower essences are safe even for babies, elderly, pets, during pregnancy or serious illness. However, they are preserved with alcohol. If you wish to avoid ingesting alcohol, try my unscented flower essence sprays topically instead. Or use my scented oils or sprays that add the delightful power of aromatherapy.

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