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Mama Love Flower Essence Formulas for Pets


This section of my shop is dedicated to my cat Chloe who was responsible for showing me how effective flower essences can be. All my pet formulas are 100% organic and scent-free. Spray once or twice on their food at mealtime and/or mist the environment where they hang out. You can also spray lightly from at least a foot away around your pet's head and body (avoiding their eyes) if they don't mind being sprayed. Chloe LOVED it! (But she was an unusual cat who loved water and even hopped into the shower with us if we forgot to latch the door!) Use occasionally for transient effects or at every meal for up to a month to initiate more permanent changes.


Pets frequently pick up on the feelings of the people around them. Are you going through a stressful time? You and your pet might benefit from using the same formula together! Use any scent-free formula on my list. The most likely:


Support for Troubled Times

Releasing Worry and Fear

Doing New Things with Confidence

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