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Flower essences and aromatherapy are two separate modalities often confused with one another. Both use flowering plants to work with a variety of emotional states. However, while the essential oils used in aromatherapy are used most often for the immediate benefit of their scents, flower essences have no smell and work subtly to encourage sometimes remarkable changes over time.


Flower Essences were developed by the famous and well-respected immunologist and homeopathic English physician Edward Bach. Working with a wide variety of patients just after the first World War he came to the conclusion that a person's emotional well-being and mental attitude had more to do with health and healing than any medicine he could offer. He eventually left his thriving London practice to move to the countryside to develop safe herbal homeopathics that addressed the most common emotional problems and their symptoms. His now world famous Bach Flower Remedies were the result.


While flower essences are used similarly to homeopathic formulas—only a small amount is used at one time with remarkable effects—Bach considered them to be an entirely new modality. They do not need to be taken separately from other approaches. You don't have to worry about interactions with other homeopathic remedies you may be taking (although your practitioner might prefer otherwise). But like homeopathics, they work by bringing your mind/body into balance over time for long term healing change or almost instantaneously for short term symptomatic relief.



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