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Paul's Aching Back


The other day my partner Paul hurt his back. He was bending over in our garden with his camera trying to get a picture of the bees hanging out in our poppies and was tensing up because those darn bees just never hold still. Pressing on, like the committed photographer / spiritual warrior he tends to be, he carried on through the pain and then laid himself up pretty good.


I was guided to try one of my flower essence aromatherapy formulas. Flower essences are an offshoot of homeopathy. They have no smell and work by encouraging the body/psyche to bring forward whatever quality of support a person needs next. They're 100% organic and I add them to organic essential oils and jojoba to capitalize on their soothing effects. I then channel Reiki into every one. In this case I was guided to use the formula I call "Releasing Worry and Fear."


When people are in pain or going through any kind of physical or emotional crisis, they tend to generate a lot of fear: "Oh no, what have I done?! This hurts so much! Will I never get well? Is there something really serious going on?" and on it goes while the body tenses up and increases the painful contractions of muscle fiber even more. I put a few dabs of my formula on the skin directly where it hurt and in less than a minute Paul let out a sigh of relief and said "That feels so much better!" I didn't do massage and had only just begun to add my own energy healing techniques into the mix. I didn't have to. I can't say my products help on the physical level -- I don't think that's specifically how it works. I think in this case, it helped Paul release the worry he was experiencing. But, I keep thinking, what if someone did have a massage or other therapeutic bodywork practice? Just imagine what that could do!


Monday, May 07, 2007

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