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Mama Love for Getting Along with Others

Organic Flower Essence Spray for Pets


Introducing a pet to a family with other animals can be a bit traumatic for everyone—pet and family alike. Try this formula to help them all get acquainted.


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How to Use

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This formula is 100% organic and contains the following ingredients in a base of distilled water and organic alcohol:


Flower Essences: Poison Oak, Rock Water, Mallow

To help ease insecurities and overly self-protective tendencies to allow for positive social contact, becoming part of a group healthfully.


Spray a couple of spritzes directly on your pet’s food at each meal or (if they’re comfortable with it) in the air around their head and body. Use twice a day for about a month.


And if for some reason it seems like you could use this type of comforting yourself, by all means spray it around your head and body, as well!

Mama Love sprays are spiritually-guided, handmade and infused with Reiki to bring you the most beneficial products I can make!

Pet photos by Paul Hood

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