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Taking Charge in Your Life with Larkspur Flower Essence


Do you ever feel like you're the one who plays the leader in your family, on your job, or elsewhere in your life? Are you feeling burdened by your role or worn down?

Especially in times like these we need people who feel enthused by the challenges we're facing and can inspire others with their joyfulness and inner fire.


Today, I was feeling burdened by the tasks Paul and I have taken on. How do a couple of spiritual counselors and healers hold the light for others when the wind blowing so fiercely in the world outside keeps threatening to put out our own?


I recently wrote about Red Clover flower essence as a good tool for holding your own in troubled times. It's used specifically for holding your head when people around you are panicking and losing theirs. And that's really good for staying calm and being able to listen to your inner truth.


So now let's take this further so we can help motivate, support and provide encouragement for others, too. What flower essence did my spiritual guidance choose? Larkspur, the North American flower essence for bringing forward a feeling of joy in service, charismatic leadership, and positively inspired enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. I tried it and felt myself sit up taller. I decided to share this information in this article and joy rushed back into my heart.


Larkspur, along with Red Clover and several others I'll be writing about soon, is one of the ingredients in my Doing New Things with Confidence flower essence aromatherapy formula. I always use that one before giving a talk, a form of leadership I sometimes need a lot of extra help to get myself to do. When I feel enthusiastic about the value in what I have chosen to share it is SO much easier to come out of hiding and do it.


But you don't have to be trying to gather energy to give a talk or find inspiration for writing an article to take advantage of Doing New Things with Confidence. Larkspur and the other ingredients in that formula are perfect anytime you need to stop hiding your light under a bushel. For others or just for you.


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