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Mama Love's Flower Essence Learning Center

Articles and videos about flower essence therapy on this site.


Dr. Edward Bach

Introduction to Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Remedies, with free downloadable PDFs of all his famous writings on the subject.


Flower Essence Society

One of the foremost sites on the web in regards to Flower Essence Therapy. Lots of articles and other resources.


Vibration Magazine

Great resource with wonderful articles that is no longer being published. However, all the back issues are archived on this site.

Flower Essences



Herb Med

Online database of scientific data.


Herbal Library

Educational materials from the American Botanical Council


A Modern Herbal

Complete text online of the 1931 book by Mrs. M. Grieve. Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs


Culpeper’s Complete Herbal

Complete text online of a famous herbal guide from the 17th century. Best for learning about old traditional uses of herbs.

Herbal Medicine



National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy

Lots of articles, safety precautions, and regulatory information.


History of Aromatherapy

Nice introduction by Kathi Keville  about using essential oils for a wide range of common issues with links to other articles.


The Oxford Journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Type “aromatherapy” into their search engine and you’ll find a large assortment of scientific articles about the use of essential oils.





Plants as Gateways to the Sacred

Numerous articles on plants and spirituality on the Sacred Earth ethnobotany site.


Flowers and Religion

Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam


Ecology and Spirituality in Jewish Tradition

by David Sears


Gardening and Spirituality

Gardening as a Path to Spiritual Awakening


The Celtic Tree of Life

Short article with links to much more extensive information.


Plants & Spirituality



Create Your Own Flowers

Interactive Flower Creator


Virtual Flower Garden

Interactive Flash Playtime: move your curser around the screen and see what happens.


Fractal Flowers

Quite gorgeous.


Flower Art & Fun

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Plants and Flowers of Greek Mythology

An illustrated guide.


Wildflower Folklore

A nice collection.


The Language of Flowers

The lost art of Victorian floriography.


History, Myths and Legends of Aromatherapy

Folklore of the plants used for essential oils.


Flowers: Legends & Lore Many stories here with nice art and photographs.


Folklore of the Hedgerow

Folklore and tradition of the Irish hedgerow

Flower Myths & Folklore

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