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Wild Oat Flower Essence

Blackberry Flower Essence


Mama Love for Manifesting Life Purpose

Organic Reiki-Infused Flower Essence Formula


This spray is designed to help stimulate your imagination, help you gain clarity about your life, and inspire you to take initiative in following your passions with purpose and enthusiasm. It can also help you feel more grounded and at ease with your  life direction. People have reported that insight comes in their dreams and odd moments so keep a journal handy!


1 oz with brandy         1 oz with organic vodka

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This formula is 100% organic and consists of the following ingredients in a base of distilled water and conventional brandy or organic vodka:


Flower essences: Wild Oat, Blackberry, Madia, Lady's Slipper, Sunflower

For recognizing and holding to one's life purpose, for the initiative to act on one's ideas, and for the disciplined focus and confident soul expression to integrate spiritual purpose with daily work.

Take 5 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water or juice 3 times a day every day for a month to help initiate lasting change. Or add several drops to a water bottle and sip it throughout the day.

Mama Love products are spiritually-guided, handmade and infused with Reiki to bring you the most beneficial products I can make!

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