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Love, love, love it. I wear it over my heart chakra and beneath my jaw. Smells beautiful. More importantly, my body just soaks it in. The anxiety of not knowing what I am doing with my life has faded away almost completely. Would definitely purchase again when I am out and I look forward to trying the other blends. —Bright (Etsy customer)


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Wild Oat Flower Essence

Blackberry Flower Essence

Mama Love for Manifesting Life Purpose

Organic Flower Essence Aromatherapy Oil


One of my most popular formulas (and a personal favorite of mine). This formula is designed to help stimulate your imagination, help you gain clarity about your life, and inspire you to take initiative in following your passions with purpose and enthusiasm. And it smells wonderful! People sometimes report that insight comes in their dreams and odd moments so keep a journal handy!


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How to Use

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This formula is 99-100% organic and consists of the following ingredients in a nonalcoholic jojoba oil base:


Essential oils: Clary Sage, Jasmine, Bergamot, Vetiver, Neroli

For expanded awareness, clarity and upliftment, to stimulate imagination and vitalize the spirit, for determination to hold to one's ideals, and confidence in taking initiative.


Flower essences: Wild Oat, Blackberry, Madia, Lady's Slipper, Sunflower

For recognizing and holding to one's life purpose, for the initiative to act on one's ideas, and for the disciplined focus and confident soul expression to integrate spiritual purpose with daily work.

Use directly from the bottle without dilution—it's already at the perfect strength for most people's everyday use. You could create a daily ritual with affirmations or add it to a personal or professional healing arts practice. Try it in your bath or use for a massage. Try it occasionally for transient effects or apply it like a light perfume or body oil 2-3 times a day for up to a month to initiate more lasting changes. Take a short break every 3-4 weeks to evaluate whether it's still required/ desired.

Mama Love products combine the emotionally supportive properties of flower essences and aromatherapy. They’re spiritually-guided, handmade and infused with Reiki to bring you the most beneficial products I can make! The dram sized bottles are attached to a cute card featuring my Healer Mama that open up and contain a short description of how to use it and what the ingredients are for. The 1 and 2 oz bottles have instructions printed on the label.

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