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I was extremely shy when I was a kid. I didn't speak and I didn't know how to interact with other kids. I remember standing at the edge of the playground during recess in kindergarten. My parents had taught me not to "bother people." I was supposed to wait to be invited before jumping in and I took this very seriously. Unfortunately, nobody taught the other little kids to issue invitations so I just waited and waited every day for someone to invite me to join in and nobody did.


So one day I wandered off by myself to the open field that surrounded the playground. There were lots of tall weeds there and my favorites were the grasses. I used to strip the seeds off and pretend to plant them by scattering them here and there. I did it again and again and I suddenly looked up and another little kid was silently following me and doing the same. Then another one came and another. None of us talked or interacted in any way. And we didn't interfere with each other either. We were just a tiny impromptu band of agrarian farmers silently wandering in a line, stripping seeds off the grass and scattering them.


This is one of the most vivid memories I have of kindergarten. I think it only happened once but I've never forgotten it. When I first read about Quaking Grass this is the story that came to mind.


Quaking Grass is a flower remedy for people who don't know how to function in groups, who don't know how to balance their individual identity with the needs of the social circle or greater society they need to work within. It's not exactly the same as Violet flower essence which is used for shrinking violets, people who feel so fragile in a group that they are afraid to speak up. The most significant feature of Quaking Grass are its large seed pods made up of overlapping scales that look a lot like and shake in the breeze like a rattlesnake's tail. Some people know this plant as Rattlesnake Grass.


Rattlesnakes shake their tails to warn people away. People who might benefit from Quaking Grass have a strong sense of Self. They know they have something of value to offer but haven't learned how.


Last night I went to bed thinking about the message in Quaking Grass and dreamed I was newly in a job training program of some sort and hadn't found my way quite yet. George Bush and his mother Barbara came to visit. (Believe me, that doesn't happen often in my dreams!) A question was asked of me: "Have you used your networks in your marketing efforts yet?" In the dream I didn't know what to make of this question. I was too new! But I looked at George and Barbara and they sincerely wanted to know. I felt despondent in the dream, like how would I know how to do that? And George smiled back with a bemused look as if to say "How wouldn't you know?"


When I woke up I tried to think of what George Bush could possibly know that I needed so much. One of my father's beliefs came to mind. He always used to say that to succeed in business it's not what you know, but who you know that makes all the difference. Well, has there ever been a president in recent history who epitomizes that belief system more than George Bush?


Networks. Networking. The "Old Boy Network." The "Men's Club." The Republican way.


Or grassroots campaigning, person to person, email to email, face to face. Like the Obama campaign. It's all about networking, finding yourself—your identity—within the context of a larger group, either way.


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