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Red Clover photoRed Clover Flower Essence and Doing New Things with Confidence


So the other day I asked for guidance for a flower essence that might help with my tendency towards feeling moody these days. You know, I'm like everybody else. I watch the news on TV, look at what I think I might need to do to make it in today's economy and think "oh crap!" I do alright as long as I keep focused on what I'm doing -- I feel happy and engaged, in fact. But if I haven't made enough sales or made enough appointments for our spiritual counseling and healing business at the end of the day... well, like I said, I'm like anyone else. Sometimes it's hard to keep the fruit bats of doubt and fear at bay.


So the other day I asked for help and the flower essence I was guided to was Red Clover. What a great choice!


Red Clover was one of my very favorite flowers as a child. It's also the state flower of Vermont. Very commonly found, it smells sweet and tastes wonderful. It makes a great tea.


As a flower essence, Red Clover is specific for helping people stay calm in the midst of mass hysteria and anxiety. It's particularly applicable for times, like the ones we're living in, when the public's emotions are stimulated by waves of negativity perpetuated by political game-playing, the news, actual crisis, and the infectious fear and confusion that gets passed from friend to friend and within families. Red Clover helps a person's ability to hear their inner truth can come to the fore. I've been using it for several days now and my moodiness has improved.


BUT, I still have to muster up enough of a feeling of well-being to go out and do some things I'm not very confident about. Approaching new stores for my Mama Love formulas, for example, is what I need to do right now but... sigh! It's never been one of my favorite activities even in great economic times. Sigh, again.


So my guidance suggested Corn, Larch and Zinnia. That's for grounded self-confidence imbued with a sense of fun. Oh! Add Red Clover to that, substitute Larkspur (for cultivating an enthusiastic in-charge attitude in the face of challenge) and Chaste Tree (for ease in handling change) for the Larch and that's the list of flower essences I use in my Doing New Things with Confidence formula!


Duh! Why didn't I think of that? I'll tell you why -- I thought I needed something "stronger." Ha-ha. But, truthfully, that formula is strong enough! It's THE one I use most often in situations where I need to stay focused yet relaxed in situations where I feel less than confident or familiar. And that's what a lot of us need right now-- to have a positive go-to attitude in the face of change and unfamiliarity.


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