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Mama Love for Attracting a Partner

Unscented Organic Flower Essence Spray


The name of this formula really ought to be "Feeling Attractive from the Inside Out" because that's what it's for! But it's amazing how well feeling great about yourself works when it comes to attracting someone special. And if you already have a partner, it's great for being more open, relaxed and being open to love—all the things needed for creating the kind of  deep connection a lifelong partnership depends on. (Designed specifically for women.)


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How to Use

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100% organically grown and ethically wildcrafted botanical ingredients in a base of distilled water and organic vodka:


Flower essences: Pink Monkeyflower, Holly, Pretty Face, Pomegranate

For the safety to share openly and honestly, for increased self-acceptance, increased ability to give and receive love, and for warm-hearted expression of one's female self.

Close your eyes and spray about your head and upper body or in the room. You could create a daily ritual with affirmations or be more relaxed about it and spray yourself when you go out to play. Use it occasionally for transient effects or  2-3 times a day for about a month to initiate more lasting changes. Take a short break every 4 weeks to evaluate whether it's still required/ desired.

Mama Love products are spiritually-guided, handmade and infused with Reiki to bring you the most beneficial products I can make!

Wonderful scent and energy.  Thanks so much. —Diggerboo (Etsy customer)


Unscented flower essence sprays are very effective and perfect for people who don't like or can't be around scents or need to be conscious of others who require it. But this product is also available enhanced with the sweet qualities of aromatherapy. See below.

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