Flower Essences, Aromatherapy and Herbs

Spiritually Guided, Reiki-Infused

Handmade, Delightfully Organic

The full-size display size is 11.75” wide by 13” deep, including the tester bar. It stands 11.50” tall (including the sign). It holds 4 of 12 formulas. The 1/2-sized display below is the same size but 6.25" wide. It holds 4 of 6 formulas.  The sample bottles are glued into the tester bar so customers can’t walk away with them. However, the bar is a separate piece for easy removal when your sample bottles need to be replaced.

Tips for Mama Love Selling Success


1) Use them yourself. Ask your staff to try them. That starts the word-of-mouth going—sales staff who like them are more likely to tell their friends.


2) Put the display or bottles on a counter or counter height shelf so they’re easily seen and tested.


3) Put them near other aromatherapy, flower essence or similar products if you have them.


4) If you have a display keep it filled! (People hate to think they’re picking over left-overs.)


5) Remember to tell people that they’re handmade, Reiki-infused and organic!



Massage practitioners, acupuncturists, naturopaths, nurses and other healing arts practitioners,  spa and shop owners: Do you love flower essences, essential oils or Reiki and organic products for well-being? Would you like to add a wonderful way to support the work you provide in your practice?


What about loving support for pets? Are you a veterinarian, own a pet supply or boarding facility, or manage an animal shelter looking for a line of organic natural products to use and sell in your business?


Make money selling Mama Love!

Many of my products are available wholesale. Minimum initial orders $140, reorders $78.

Send me an email to discuss what will work best for your needs or to place an order today.


My dram-sized Mama Love formulas are so cute and colorful in their sweet wooden displays they practically sell themselves. People buy them for gifts as well as for personal use. And when people are introduced to the oils and sprays during a session at their favorite spa or massage therapy office, they can buy them to extend the loving care they received afterwards in their own home.


I designed my flower essence and flower essence aromatherapy combinations especially for the average customer who might not have heard of flower essence therapy and may not want to create their own combinations even if they have. And, unlike many essential oil products, these are already the appropriate strength to be used straight from the bottle without dilution. The unscented sprays are great for anyone who needs to avoid scents.


Put the display on a countertop where your customers can't help but see them. They'll come over and notice the assortment of issues they're designed for. The cards for the dram-sized oils open up and inside they'll read a story about the blend they've chosen, information about the ingredients used, and clear directions for use. It’s the perfect introduction to my flower essence aromatherapy formulas because they can also try the product to make sure they like it.


Other products don’t need displays—they sit easily on a shelf or countertop. Testers for scented sprays (labeled "tester") are available at a discount when you order at least 4 of a single spray.


Shipping is additional. The first few orders need to be paid for in advance. I'll send you an invoice. Most items will be  shipped within a week after it is paid unless I tell you in advance that I'm out of stock (or out of town) and make a different arrangement with you. Balms are currently not available wholesale.


Send me an email to discuss what will work best for your needs or to place an order now!


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