A Little Bit About Me


© Copyright 2011 Sheryl Karas

My mom likes to tell the story of how when I was a small child I would spend all day exclaiming "Look at dat! Look at dat! Mama, Mama, look at DAT!" I kept her busy and delighted all day with my wonder, delight and curiosity about, literally, everything. Then at night before I went to sleep I would recite to myself the names of all the things I had discovered during the day.

Today my greatest delight as an artist, writer, spiritual counselor and healer is when I can shine a light on some part of existence that makes people light up like a Christmas Tree.

My first book was about the Christmas Tree because it’s something that brings out that childhood belief in magic and wonder in all of us. I wanted to know why it meant so much to the human psyche that it was kept with the rise of Christianity when so many other pagan customs were tossed aside. And what, if anything, would it mean to me?

Working on this book opened up a tiny door into a much larger and more personal inquiry into the nature of spiritual reality. I became fascinated with how people in various cultures interpret and make those realities happen, and how we can use spiritual insights to live happier daily lives and create positive change in the world we share. All the books I’ve written since have had something to do with that.

Author, Spiritual Counselor and Healer

Sheryl Karas