Changing the World

One Relationship at a Time:

Transformational Listening for Mutual Support and Empowerment

How to create supportive partnerships and groups for changing your life or changing the world.

The Solstice Evergreen:

The History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree

What was so special about this pagan ritual that it was incorporated into the celebration of Christmas? The folklore of the evergreen tree from across the globe still tells the tale.

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The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving

More than five years of monthly articles exploring practical and spiritual aspects of long term family caregiving for loved ones with progressive memory loss and dementia.

Waking Up in The Great Recession Mormon Desert

A memoir. Following recession-related mishaps, it follows Sheryl and her partner Paul, from their original home in the beautiful New Age, ultra-progressive town of Santa Cruz, CA to the ultra-conservative Republican Mormon Arizona desert. The timing is immediately after the election of Barack Obama and the passage of Proposition 8. The result is at turns poignant and funny and leads to a spiritual wake-up call that shows the importance of connecting the political and the personal in our task of developing spiritually on the planet.

Author, Spiritual Counselor and Healer

Sheryl Karas