Waking Up In The

Great Recession Mormon Desert

by Sheryl Karas with Paul Hood


"WAKING UP is a fascinating account of two seekers trying to find sense and sanity in our contemporary world, which often seems deliberately designed to make people crazy.  The lessons they learn can help anyone find balance in our chaotic culture." ~ Larry Dossey, MD, author of  HEALING WORDS  and THE POWER OF PREMONITIONS

“This book is a winner.  It has everything a good book should have:  suspense, excitement, pathos, joy, laughter—-lots of laughter—and great characters you care about and can genuinely root for!  And it's non-fiction!  But what it has most is love and wisdom.  Profound, heart-opening love and wisdom. It is hands down one of the best books on spirituality and its role in meeting the challenges of our time that I have read. And did I say that it's funny, too?  Be good to yourself and read this book.  Be good to your friends and buy them a copy.” ~ David Spangler, author of FACING THE FUTURE and SUBTLE WORLDS: AN EXPLORER'S FIELD NOTES.

"WAKING UP explores the trials and triumphs of living a creative, purpose driven life combined with an exploration of the political polarities present in current society. Skillfully written as both  personal and political, the story of this couple 's healing points to the resolution that just might help us all." ~ Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., author of FORGIVE FOR GOOD

“Sheryl Karas is a wise soul and insightful writer, with a message relevant to all Americans.” ~ Anne Ellinger, President of Bolder Giving in Extraordinary Times and co-founder of More Than Money

"WAKING UP IN THE GREAT RECESSION MORMON DESERT is the compelling odyssey of two seekers who find that their personal life mirrors the political and social tensions of contemporary American culture. Flower essences become a Soulmap for Sheryl and Paul during their travels;  a discovery that would not be lost on Dr. Edward Bach, who founded flower essence therapy in the midst of the Great Depression. Don’t just read this book; rather I suggest you plant it firmly in your consciousness and watch yourself blossom." ~ Patricia Kaminski,  Executive Director of the Flower Essence Society

"Sheryl Karas is a regular contributor of flower essence articles to Vibration Magazine’s blog. We prize her contributions for their clarity, accessibility, and genuineness. Those qualities are also easy to see in this book." ~ Donna Cunningham, MSW, Editor for Vibration Magazine

"A charming read! Wouldn’t it be great, I kept thinking as I read WAKING UP IN THE GREAT RECESSION MORMON DESERT, if everyone in the world accidentally found themselves living in the camp of the "other"– a Mormon on Castro Street in San Francisco, a Wall Street executive in a homeless shelter in Louisiana... Thanks, Sheryl, for giving us a glimpse of such an opportunity, for showing us how our deserts can "blossom as the rose." ~ Carol Lynn Pearson, the author of numerous books, notably GOODBYE, I LOVE YOU, the story of her LDS temple marriage to a gay man, NO MORE GOODBYES: CIRCLING THE WAGONS AROUND OUR GAY LOVED ONES, and FACING EAST, a stage play about a Mormon couple dealing with the suicide of their gay son.

© Copyright 2011 Sheryl Karas


. . . by Sheryl Karas


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