Table of Contents


The intersection of social change and personal growth

The Balanced Wheel

Elements of a balanced life and how things get out of balance

Listening with All Your Senses

The power of focused listening and how to do it

Working with Emotions

Basic information about emotions and the value of releasing them

Balancing the Wheel

Easy peer counseling techniques to add to your basic listening skills

Raincoats and Sunbonnets

How to keep other people's emotions from overwhelming you; boundary setting and working with boundary issues

Illusionary Self, Illusionary Other

The role projection plays in relationships and how to work with it

Going Beyond Societal Boundaries

Societal conditioning (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc.) and how to create alliances focused on healing ourselves and society

Community Building

How to create your own support group

A Few Thoughts on Leadership

What leadership really means and what it isn't

Recommended Reading and Resources

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Changing the World

One Relationship at a Time:

Focused Listening for Mutual Support

& Empowerment


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