Table of Contents



A Special Love: Verna Mae and Lisa Ledin

Archetypal Caregiving

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Berry Good for the Brain—The Role of Antioxidants

Brief Respite

Caregiver Buddhism

Caregiving and Deferred Dreams

Change Your Thoughts—Change How You Feel

Compassion for All Concerned

Conflict Resolution in Family Caregiving

The Connection Between Patient and Caregiver Mental Health

Currying Your Way to Health

The Default Caregiver: Do You Have to Be?

Do It With Love or Don’t Do It

Don’t Do It Alone!

Elder Fraud / Elder Abuse: Could You Be Committing A Crime?Elephants Never Forget—They Eat Brahmi

Embrace the Present, Embrace Possibility

The Effect of Worry and What to Do About It

Family Caregiving as a Hero’s Journey

Flat Land

Flower Essences for Family Caregiving

Gathering Resources for Long Term Care

Giving It All for Love


Healing Through the Human Energy Field

Home is Where the Heart Is

How Do You Perceive Your Caregiving Role?

How to Start Your Own Caregiver Group

Is It Really That Hard to Find Good Paid Help?

Learning to Trust When You Really Don’t Know

Loneliness May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Losing Perspective by Compulsively Trying  Harder

Music as a Therapeutic Tool

The Power of Noticing What’s Going Well

Relax—It’s a Holiday!

Share the Care

To Move or Not to Move

The Seven Psychospiritual Dimensions of Family Caregiving

The Six Stages of Change

The Spiritual Rewards of Caregiving

Spring Cleaning

Stepping Into the River

Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Paying For Services

Traveling with Dementia

Twenty-Four Hour Caregiving

What’s Love Got to Do with the Price of Caregiving?

When the Patient Dies and Long Term Caregiving Comes to an End

What’s So Great About Family Caregiving?

When I Am An Old Woman

When Someone You Love is Depressed and Demented

Who Can You Trust about Alternative Approaches to Dementia Care?

Who “Ought” to Help

Writing a Letter to Someone You Love

You Say You Want a Revolution?

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