Our Products

100% organic Mama Love Healing Perfumes and massage, body and bath oils are spiritually-guided, Reiki-infused flower essence based formulas combined with essential oils for both therapeutic and enjoyable effects. 

Sheryl is the author of The Solstice Evergreen: The History, Folklore and Origins of the Christmas Tree, Changing the World One Relationship at a Time: Focussed Listening for Mutual Support & Empowerment and her latest The Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving. More books are on their way.

Paul is a talented photographer and writer with dozens of publishing credits in fiction, creative non-fiction, investigative reporting and photo-journalism. Visit this site to get an overview of his work.

© Copyright 2007 Sheryl Karas & Paul Hood

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In addition to our spiritual counseling and healing work, we’re both artists and writers, and Sheryl makes some pretty amazing perfume. Check these links to find out more...

Paul and Sheryl’s Zazzle Shop

Here you’ll find T-shirts, mugs and an array of other products we’re not currently doing ourselves featuring our art and photography. This site is still new (as of July 2009) and growing all the time. Be sure to check back often.

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Paul and Sheryl’s Etsy Shop

This is a brand new shop for us (as of December 2009). Our first offerings are glass tile pendants made from our art and photography which you see above. We also intend to have framed and unframed fine art prints, greeting card boxed sets and other items we come up with from time to time. Check it out!