This site features books and resources on topics mentioned on this site that we thought you might like to learn more about.

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Healing Communication News

Our newsletter comes out monthly and usually contains at least one well-developed article and links to any recent blog articles and resources on other people’s sites that we particularly want to share. There is news about what we’re up to and information about upcoming events. Sign up by filling out the webform below.

Sheryl’s Blog

This is a more personal journal where Sheryl shares her thoughts and feelings on the healer’s path and you can write back and share your own thoughts.

We will not purposely share your email address with anyone and will only use it for the newsletter and rare announcements.

Paul’s Blog

Paul’s personal journal: you never know what is going to end up there. Comments are welcomed. Paul will likely be posting photos here frequently as well.


Articles written about us in the news and written by us before we discovered blogging.


We just got into making videos. There are several here on a variety of topics.


Friends, teachers, inspiration, fun stuff, things we like

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